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Posted by theministry on 22nd March 2023

Kaysan, Year 6, Thomas Buxton Primary School

This story was created by Kaysan from Thomas Buxton Primary School. Kaysan and his class created imaginary underwater creatures as part of their Deep Blue Sea Ministry of Stories project. They then wrote about these creatures in the style of a news report.

Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest place. The kelps are 60 metres tall and dance like 1960s Rock and Roll. It is like below heaven. Down at rock bottom it is never-sleeping and never-ending.

Shark Mantis is hiding in the dark side of the ocean. Monitoring every corner like a lifeguard. Wherever it goes it brings antiques as its tail sweeps the ocean floor. Shark Mantis lurks in the depths and awaits its new meal.

Shark Mantis searches for the Ledemann. The Ledemann is now hiding from Shark Mantis down below.

Boom! Shark Mantis finds The Ledemann and rips its gills apart.

The Ledemann camouflages and blends into the rock. Shark Mantis cannot find The Ledemann and goes away.

The Ledemann’s skin slithers away into the depth of the Mariana Trench.


Other short poems from Deep Blue Sea:


As fast as a cheetah on rollerskates,

Eyes as black as space,

Fins like mountains. 

by Akram 


Strong Shell,

Jellyfish’s hell,

Lays eggs in the sand,

Has no hands.

By Ayyub


Flying fish,

Flying angel, 

Swirling in the ocean.

By Ridwan

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