There once was a someone, who had a certain story

Posted by theministry on 8th March 2016

Make a big difference to a certain someone

We believe that young people have interesting things to say and that their fresh, exciting voices should be shared with the world. It’s rewarding work, but it’s not easy. We rely on donations to ensure young people like Jadyn can be heard.

That’s why, with a little help from our friends Radley Yelder, Mr Kaplin and One Small Pixel, we are launching a new regular giving campaign. Discover what wonderful things can happen when young people’s ideas are nurtured and shared.

By making a regular gift, you can make a really big difference. Just £3 a month helps us build a steady and reliable income, giving us the security and confidence to plan for the future.

As a thank you, we will send you regular updates on our young writers and chances to get closer to the Ministry magic. Regular giving is one of the most effective ways to donate and payment is hassle-free. You can choose the amount that you would like to donate and how often. Email Ruth, our Fundraising Manager at to find out more.

Every donation, big or small, gives power to a young voice and helps us make sure more special stories are heard. To find out more, pop over to our JustGiving page.


Creative consultancy Radley Yeldar donated the film to the Ministry, as part of its annual commitment to supporting local communities and not-for-profit organisations.

Donated by: Radley Yeldar
Producer: One Small Pixel
Direction & Animation: Mr Kaplin
Sound: White Noise Lab

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