The Time Traveller’s Guide to Hoxton

Posted by theministry on 27th July 2022

Travel with us to a very local future.

This Spring our young writers took a journey into the future and imagined a very different kind of Hoxton. The result is a series of postcards sent from the future, that allows you to hear from the future residents of the area.

Follow the map to different locations, and read a postcard from that place at some point in the future.


A pack of white postcards with bright, repo graphics is laid next to a map of a similar design on a wooden table The Time Traveller's Guide to Hoxton


The project challenged our young writers to think about how the area might change, and to dream up characters who might live or visit there. We started off by choosing twelve locations – from a chicken shop to the Britannia Leisure Centre. Each group then took three of the locations, and collaboratively built a moment in the future around them.

Shoreditch Library in 2071 is full of robots, and Hoxton Garden in 2121 has statues that appear according to your mood.

Once these locations were firm in everyone’s minds, each writer chose their favourite and created a character who would write a postcard from there. The picture sides of the postcard were created by four professional illustrators, along with a map to guide the reader on their time-traveling journey. These were beautifully designed and riso-printed to create the final Time Traveller’s Guide!

Thinking about the future invites wild flights of fancy, which was really fun to work with. Writers worked together and bounced off each other’s ideas to come up with brilliant world-building, and did a great job of telling a story within the limits of a postcard.

Pop in to Hoxton Street Monsters Supplies to pick-up your own pack of postcards. Follow the map to find all the future locations. Just make sure to keep an eye out for Robots…




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