The Shadow Within

Posted by theministry on 14th January 2021

‘I walked slowly through the misty graveyard, with nothing there but the dead bodies to keep me company.’

Grab your pillow and hold on tight as we present The Shadow Within and Other Tales a gothic anthology dripping fresh from the imagination of young writers. Oh my!

This collection of stories takes you on chilling adventures with a spider hybrid, a set of mysterious eyes, two very different vampires, a regal werewolf, a shy archaeologist, a zombie hunter and many more creepy companions.

The writers, aged 11-16, from Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of schools in Tower Hamlets, took part in a weekly remote story writing club, exploring the gothic genre. These stories are the result of their hard work and experimentation.

Click to read – if you dare!

Interested in running a similar project with your class or year group? Email our Education Programme Manager or visit our schools pages for more information. 


Content notes: By their nature, gothic stories can have some elements which some people may find frightening. We’ve added content notes to help you decide if there are any stories you would prefer to avoid – they are at the back of the book (on page 113) to provide spoilers for those who would like to know in advance.

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