The reviews are in…

Posted by theministry on 2nd October 2019

On Monday 30th September 2019 we rolled out the red carpet for our young writers from Swanlea School and their friends and family, who attended the exclusive world premiere of their Monty Python inspired comedy sketches at Genesis Cinema.

Before the screening, our audience was treated to a Pythonesque comedy masterclass by writer-performer Gem Carmella and a cast of improv actors in which we met a supermarket selling the future and a woman engaged to her cat…

Of course, no movie premiere would be complete without either popcorn or the critics, so we asked Tuesday after-school club writer and Python neophyte Aoife, aged 9, to be our official reviewer for the evening. Here’s what she made of the future of comedy writing:

“One of the funniest sketches for me was the Dozy Librarian; librarians are usually helpful but when one of the characters was trying to get a book out he was sleeping, playing video games and giving her the wrong advice!  The librarian was definitely not doing what you would expect which made it funny.

The other sketch I found funny was Chicken Shop. The character ordered sauces and a drink and the server squirted them all over him. I would definitely give it 5 stars.”

The screening followed with a Q & A with actor Monica Gaga and two of our young writers, Mariam and Sadiqal, who gave us some insight into the writing process: “Initially, it was hard to link different ideas. I didn’t think I had any funny ideas until I started working on this project. It really boosts your confidence to show how funny you can be.”

The evening ended with an awards-ceremy for all our young writers, with panellist Monica decreeing, “If these writers are our future, it’s looking bright.”

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