One day in Accra, Ghana, there lived a little girl called Nana.

She was really curious. She wanted to know where Jollof rice came from. She walked all over the neighbourhood knocking on doors and asking, “WHERE DOES JOLLOF RICE COME FROM?” Everyone gave her a different answer so she felt confused and tired.

The next day, her lesson started at school and the teacher, Mrs Moo, asked, “Do you know where Jollof rice comes from, Nana?” Nana replied no. Nana came back during her break and decided to go on Google, to try to find out where it comes from. On Google, Nana saw lots of different people of all nations eating Jollof rice.

When she went home, her mum asked her, “What did you learn today?” Nana said, “It does not matter who invented Jollof rice. The only thing that matters is that friends and family enjoy it.” Nana went into the street where there was a big celebration and she became the princess of Jollof rice.

From A Story You Never Tasted Before.

The Ministry of Stories is proud to be on Hoxton Street, a place that offers many opportunities to eat exciting dishes from around the world. We all tie stories to the meals we make and enjoy, and this particular street provides the perfect inspiration for storytelling.

There is an unmistakeable buzz about food on Hoxton Street, and the children of the Ministry of Stories have tapped into it to create stories inspired by the joy of eating. You can read more, and find recipes for all the food they tried, in the full collection.