Chapter One: Just Porridge

There once was a girl who didn’t want to eat anything except porridge. She ate porridge for everything: breakfast, lunch and dinner. She hated to try new things so she never did.

Her parents were really worried about her horrible attitude and terrible sense of taste, so they decided to go to the doctor. The doctor said that he couldn’t do anything about it. However, he suggested a nutritionist that could help.

When they went there, the little girl didn’t like a thing that the nutritionist suggested. It was only, “No, no, no”. Just porridge. Her parents didn’t know what to do next, so they decided to go on holiday for a few weeks. They decided to go to a very exotic place full of nature and beauty. Somewhere very hot with lots of places to go and visit. They didn’t know where to go that had all of that. Then the idea came just like that ? Brazil! That would be a perfect chance for the little girl to try new things.

Chapter Two: Packing Time

They were all really happy about going to Brazil, all except the little girl. She didn’t want to go. She found out that there was no porridge in Brazil! But her parents were so happy they didn’t listen to her.

When they arrived in Brazil a hot wind welcomed them to the new country. When they arrived at the hotel there was a really good smell. A smell that they had never smelled before.

When they came closer they saw the blackest and shiniest beans ever. The waiter said the dish was a very popular plate of food in Brazil. It was called Feijoada and it had black beans and meat. The family loved it, except their daughter that just wanted porridge.

They decided to have a walk to get to know the city. During the walk something caught the little girl’s eye. They were round balls, quite small, brown and covered with chocolate sprinkles. The girl decided to try one. It melted as soon as she put it into her mouth. It was so delicious. She had never tasted anything like it.

The little girl turned into the kindest person ever seen. She discovered a person inside her ? the real her, the one who likes adventure and trying new things. After that she couldn’t stay too long inside. She had to go out to discover the city while it lasted. She was a brand new person!

From A Story You Never Tasted Before

The Ministry of Stories is proud to be on Hoxton Street, a place that offers many opportunities to eat exciting dishes from around the world. We all tie stories to the meals we make and enjoy, and this particular street provides the perfect inspiration for storytelling.

There is an unmistakeable buzz about food on Hoxton Street, and the children of the Ministry of Stories have tapped into it to create stories inspired by the joy of eating. You can read more, and find recipes for all the food they tried, in the full collection.

The Girl Who Only Ever At Porridge