Working on this project is challenging, but exciting at the same time. The main thing that we discuss is the future. Specifically what we think London will be like in 10, 20, 100 years time. Each of us has different views but when we come together we use everybody’s ideas to try and make it so we all have a say in what happens.

I don’t know about you – I’m quite shy –┬ábut I find myself, just being in the company of all these supportive people, starting to come out of that phase (hopefully) and when you are surrounded by people like that, you’re not scared to share you ideas. We have talked a lot about robots and mainly supernatural things. Also, we have been asking each other where we see ourselves in the future.

Whether we’re surrounded by family, with great riches, a lavish house, and gorgeous job, but then, we realise, that eye catching stories are set in dystopian environments and that makes us think about what kind of things would happen in our own homes. Will we be flooded, is there going to be an earthquake? It’s difficult because we are trying to think about what works best in musical format. These are the things we have been looking at recently.

Bye for now!