Story Spotlight – Dear Mr Reaper

Posted by theministry on 31st January 2024

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Last month, our Community Writing Labs explored the art of a fan letter. Here’s one excellent example written by Arietta.


Dear Mr Reaper,

I’m writing to you today to tell you that I am your biggest fan, and as your biggest fan I feel obliged to tell you that you’ve gained a pretty bad reputation on Earth.

Obviously, I don’t think these things; I realise that your job is only to help tired souls move on to the afterlife, but others don’t quite see it that way. Where I see your scythe as a comparison to a gentle farmer, others see it as an instrument of pain and torture. Where I see your hooded cloak as a way to offer your ferried souls some small comfort along their journey, allowing them to imagine you as anyone they like, they see it as a murderer shying away from the world and hiding his face in shame.

It’s possible you’ve noticed it too. Souls being more reluctant to pass over, shying away, hiding in the shadows in the hope they won’t have to go. Perhaps you should consider taking some steps to rebuild your rep. A YouTube apology video, maybe, or a Netflix documentary. It’s up to you, obviously.

Anyway, I hope to hear back from you soon.

Much love,



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