Story Consequences – teaching resource

Posted by theministry on 14th December 2015

As we head into the last week of term, keep your class writing until the final bell with our free Story Consequences writing exercise.

Story Consequences is a fun 10-minute starter activity or extended exercise to bring the excitement back to writing. Check out the steps below to keep your budding young writers scribbling furiously, right till the end of term.

Find all the downloadable resources for this exercise in the right hand column.

1. Creating a character

Give each class member a story consequences sheet. Ask them to fill in the boxes for character and setting, then write the first line of the story.
Optional support:
  • Use the story consequences powerpoint as a stimulus for generating character ideas
  • Discuss how first lines can be used as a way of introducing the idea of character, setting and mood.

2. Pass it on

When students have completed the beginning of the sheet, they should pass it to a neighbour who can then carry on the rest of the story. This can be done as a timed activity, we suggest around 7-minutes.

3. Share your stories

When the stories have been written, we recommend students share them in small groups, taking turns to read aloud, with listeners giving positive feedback afterwards.

You can ask for volunteers to share with the whole class and have them come to the front to read, inviting positive feedback from the class after each story. 

Enjoy your amazing stories, and we hope you have a restful and joyful break this December.
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