Small but Mighty!

Posted by theministry on 25th January 2023

We are excited to welcome our youngest writers yet, with a brand new Writing Lab for 6-8 year olds.

This Spring, a brand new cohort of writers have entered through the secret door and into our Hoxton Street centre. These younger writers will be join us for the first time, getting a chance to free their imaginations and explore lots of different kinds of writing, with a large splash of movement and oral storytelling woven in along the way.

Jess, Writing Programme Manager says; “We’ve wanted to offer a space for younger children to write with us for a long time so it’s been a really rewarding month, starting to work with local 6-8 year olds. They have already produced some really creative and exciting work and we can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Read the first poem created by the group:

We Come From

We come from scooter rides.
Summertime trees reaching for big skies.

We come from baby photos (Will you show me one more time),
The teachers who’ve taught us,
The friends we see.

We come from football commentary and violins.
Birds that tweet,
Cars that beep.

We come from the smell of mum and dad’s bread,
Ice-cream, burgers and chips.
Nan and grandpa’s flowery house.

We come from our drawings,
Our cartoons,
And our songs.

From the earth, the moon and the stars.


Want to join in the fun? We’re looking for volunteer mentors to support this group.

Do you have the time and energy to support our newest writers? This group runs on a Tuesday between 3.15pm – 5.30pm during term time. Sign-up to volunteer here.

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