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What you’ll need

For this exercise you will need a voice recorder. (You can usually find one on mobile phones.)

Optional: A partner or group of friends.

Now try this…

Read through this list of random themes:

alienation, ambition, betrayal, coming of age, courage

deception, discovery, escape, fear, freedom, good vs evil

isolation, jealousy, justice, loss, loneliness, love

power, prejudice, security, spirituality, survival


Choose one.

Start recording and talk about what this theme means to you.

Try saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Alternatively, work in pairs or a group and talk about what the word means to you. Listen to your partner and ask follow up questions about what they say. (Remember to record your conversation.)

Now listen back to what you have said.

Presto! You’ve started to create a radio documentary!

There will be lots of material that you can write about.