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Have fun with your class as they explore the building blocks of story creation.


Story Consequences Powerpoint

Story Consequences Worksheet

  1. Give each student a worksheet. You can ask them if they’re familiar with the game of ‘consequences’ (either pictorial or written versions) and ask a member of the class to explain the concept.
  2. Show the powerpoint- get everyone to think of a name. You may want to ask them for some favourite names of characters they’ve been reading about recently, or some they like from TV or film. Give them time to write their names, and then everyone must fold the top of their sheet backwards, so that the name is no longer visible, and pass their paper to the person on their left (or right, depending what works best in your classroom!)
  3. That person must think of an age. the slide on the powerpoint can provide inspiration and ideas. Then ask them to fold it back and pass it on.
  4. Finally a third person writes an occupation. Again, the powerpoint slide should help anyone who is stuck. Get that third student to fold the paper backwards, and pass it on one final time.
  5. Everyone can open their piece of paper, and you can give them five minutes of writing time to start a story about their character.



Age range: Key stage 2-3
Time: 10-minute starter or extended activity