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Sentence Consequences

Get your class writing silly sentences, having creative fun while revising word classes in this sentence-based version of consequences. Find our story consequences activity here.



Give everyone in the group a thin strip of paper – or use the template provided – and instruct them to write the word ‘the’ or ‘a/an’ at the top of the page. Then, get them to fold over the paper, so that no-one can see, and pass it to the next person on their table.

This is repeated with instructions for different word classes, so that a sentence is being built up one word at a time on the page:


  • an adjective (a describing word like ‘blue’)
  • a concrete noun (a thing like a ‘table’)
  • ‘called’ and write a name
  • a transitive verb (an action). It needs to be one that can be done to something – e.g. ‘kicked’ or ‘played’ or ‘thought about’, but not ‘slept’ or ‘fell.’
  • ‘the’ or a/an
  • an adjective
  • a noun
  • an adverb (these tell you how something is done and often end with ‘ly’, e.g. ‘angrily’).

Finally, get your class to read the sentences they’ve ended up with and to share any particularly strange ones!


Age range: Key stage 2-3
Time: 15-20 minute activity