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What does your class remember about punctuation?

Use our punctuation cards to help your class share their knowledge.



First, give each group a set of the cards. They’ll turn them over one card at a time. The children win the card if they can explain where the punctuation could be used in a sentence. If they can’t think of the answer, the next person in the group can ‘poach’ the card if they can provide an explanation.

To make it trickier, have a rule that children can’t repeat an explanation that someone else has given.

For example:

  • The first child says, “You can use an apostrophe to show where letters are missing.”
  • The next child with the apostrophe card will need to mention that apostrophes can be used to show possession.

Another version of this could have pupils giving an example of a sentence to win the card – so, to win the comma card, they could say: “I ate fish [comma] chips and peas.”

For more ideas for using these cards, have a look at the fabulous resources shared by teachers in the Collaborative Learning Project.


Age range: Key stage 2-3
Time: 15-20 minute activity