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Age range: Key Stage 2-3

Time: 50 minute lesson

Letter to your future self

Where will everyone be in twenty years? In this lesson, your class writes a letter to their future selves. They can predict their future and think about what values will be important to them in life.


  • whiteboard
  • pens
  • paper

Thinking about the future

Put some headings on the board: 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, lifetime. You could also add how old the class would be.

Ask the pupils for some suggestions of things they hope will happen to them in each time period. If they get stuck, point out when they would be leaving school or going to start work. Ask them whether they’d like to learn to drive or live in another country or have a family.

Before you get the class started on their letter, you could ask them for suggestions about what they wish adults would remember about how to treat children. This could feed into advice for their older selves about how to treat future children, nieces and nephews – maybe even pupils!

Drafting your letter

Tell the group they will be writing a letter to their future selves on the day they start their dream job. (Or another similarly important occasion).

When drafting the letter, get the group to think about these three stages:

  • How old you’ll be when you open the letter, where you are and what you’ll be doing.
  • What you intend to have done between now and the date the letter is opened. (For example, what have you done to get to your dream job?)
  • What you hope you’ll remember as an adult.

Encourage your class to keep their letters in a safe place. Hopefully they’ll be able to return to them in the future and find the advice from their younger selves!