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Age: Key Stage 2 – early Key Stage 3

Time: 50 minute lesson

Write to your younger self

Ever thought ‘I wish I’d known that before I started’? In this lesson, children think about what they’ve learned about life at school and write a letter full of sage advice to their younger selves.


  • Pens and pencils
  • Whiteboard

1) Class discussion of advice

Put the question up on the board: ‘Help! It’s my first day at school! What advice can you give me?’

Get some suggestions from the group and put them on the board. If they’re getting stuck, get them to make a list of what might worry a child? Or what things are different at school after being at home or a playgroup?

If children feel confident enough, they could contribute things they were personally worried about or that they noticed when they started school.

2) Drafting a letter

Once the class are buzzing with ideas, start them drafting their letters. Try this structure to help them organise their thoughts:

  • What worried them when they started primary school?
  • What could they have done about their worries?
  • Is there any other advice they need to know?
  • To finish on a good note: what are some good things they have to look forward to at school?


You could adapt this depending on the year group – what advice would your class give to someone starting secondary school? Or what about a survival guide to the SATS?

Some children might want to write their letter to a younger friend or relative. Or you could plan to share the letters with younger children in the school.

Another option would be to create an ‘agony aunt’-style letter for the group with specific details to reply to.

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Combine this lesson with a session where children write to their older selves.