Posted by Kirsty Telford on 1st May 2020

Young writer, Samuel, sets wild his imagination and invites you to take a peek into the world behind our secret door while the humans are away…


When the humans are away from the Ministry of Stories,

Books read themselves and tell their tales out loud at breadfires, (where breadsticks are burnt to make campfires), feasting on the living and the unburnt breadsticks.

The floor bullies the chairs and tables, complaining that they are weighty and are always resting on it.

The spoons, forks, table knives, books, and pens have a party every Safeday (what the humans call Sunday), the only day when there are no humans around.

The bins, cubby holes, and coat hangers act as security guards,

Looking out for children and adult humans who might go into the workshop.

Then, one Sunday, I passed the Ministry of Stories.

I heard squeaking coming from inside the workshop.

I peeked through the letter box and saw the spoons, the forks, the table knives, the books, the pens, the bins, the cubby hole and the coat stands lying on the floor.

And I saw a small cloud of smoke. Poof!


By Samuel, age 9 (virtual community lab member)

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