Rocking back to the Stone Age

Posted by theministry on 10th March 2021

We’ve been imagining all the way back to the Stone Age in our schools writing workshop with Hanover Primary School.


Explore some excerpts from our historic writers below, who’ve brought great creative energy to our projects around the Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age and even the Blitz, from the safety of their own homes during lockdown.


‘I am a stone age spear! My head was as sharp as ever. I was covered in beeswax. My skilful hunter had made me magnificent.’


a cave drawing in crayon of a stoneage battle between man and byson

Cave painting with years 3 & 4


‘I was finally drawn today. It has been a long, hot summer day. The painters applied lots of paint with their hands on the wall. After a few hours, I was born.’


A child's picture of a large furry byson, with long antlers laying by a fire

‘This morning my painter completed me. I spread all over the cave. I can be anything, I am a bison and trees, so many things.’


World War II with years 5 & 6


‘The Anderson shelter is a claustrophobic cave, crammed with worried people.’


Ministry of Stories works with schools partners all over Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Islington, using creative writing as a tool to explore areas of the curriculum, and to build confidence, imagination and self-expression. We have been a proud partner of Hanover Primary since 2019.

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