Refugee Week 2020

Posted by theministry on 15th June 2020

What would make someone leave their home, their loved ones, and everything they know? How do you begin to build a new life after that?

These are just some of the questions that we explored with young writers during our Migration Tales Summer Writing Club in August 2019. We are excited to share some of their work with you in celebration of Refugee Week 2020, which is taking place virtually from 15th – 21st June.

From ‘Overseas Dreams’ by Erica

No Cudjoe, stay here please
Because if you go away
You’ll come back, she’ll be deceased
This is serious, don’t play

No Aunty, think about overseas,
Better healthcare, better life
And bigger dreams
Away from all this strife.
Along with money, I could bring a wife.

From ‘Always asking Questions’ by Jake & Yesna

Listen sis, I love you to bits
But you aint got a clue
I want to perform
Yet I still love you

My brother you are the only shine in our house
To get the information I want you to stay
Here you have everything
If you don’t feel this way
I will give you anything

Convincing my brother to stay by Yaqub & Ubaydullah

Bro I have to leave
I’m chasing job opportunities
Let me follow my dreams
Cause here I am wanted by the police

You have many responsibilities
Mum is begging down on her knees
Don’t go I’m telling you please
Just stay, it’ll put our lives at ease

In this country there is war
I don’t want to suffer anymore
So let me pull out my passport from the drawer
And end this beef for once and for all

These powerful poems have been mixed with backing tracks by poet, rapper and educator Mohammed Yahya which can be listened to here.

If you would like to explore your own stories of migration and exile through poetry, song and rap download our resource.

With thanks to Counterpoints Arts.

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