Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Posted by theministry on 1st June 2022

Meet our shiny new fundraising team Jamie and Maya.

Jamie Swift Drake

Good day! I’m Jamie and I’ve been working at children’s charities for about ten years. 

I joined Ministry of Stories in February 2022 as the Development Manager – and it’s my job and pleasure to work with corporate partners, trusts and foundations, public funding organisations, and some of our major donors to support the incredible creativity, imagination, and passion of our young writers.

If I were a character from a book: Probably Bilbo from The Hobbit: someone who enjoys travelling, spending time with friends, and eats a minimum of 12 meals a day. And the way he dealt with the dragon’s gold? Bilbo was clearly a natural fundraiser!


Putting the Fun in Fundraising


Hi I’m Maya the new Development Coordinator at Ministry of Stories.

I focus on helping to engage existing and new corporate, community and individual supporters to raise vital funds for our tremendous young writers programmes. Over the years I have worked in fundraising for various children’s charities such as Coram, Safe Passage and Shakespeares Schools festival and I’m excited to sink my teeth into this new role!

A book character that best describes me: Definitely Grace from one of my favourite childhood books Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. Grace is determined to play Peter Pan in her school play despite being a girl and black. Much like Grace, I was also pretty determined and took school play auditions very, very seriously! Rest assured, I will do the same with fundraising at Ministry of Stories.

Whether your connected to a company, school, or community group, sitting on a masterful fundraising idea or just want a chat about our work, please get in touch at maya@ministryofstories.org or jamie@ministryofstories.org 


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