Poetry for all seasons

Posted by theministry on 18th December 2015

Discover the brilliant poems penned by our young writers as part of the ‘Room to Write’ project.

This term, our after school club took on the challenge of writing their own poetry inspired by the book Where Children Sleep by James Mollison. They also drew inspiration from Laurie Bolger, Jemima Foxtrot and Dominic Stevenson.

Family and Friends
By Jadesola

Friends and Family eat their food
With noodles coming out of their noses
They live in a house made of shrimps
Their table is round as a pancake
When my cousins drink some coke
It squirts back out from their ears
Macdonalds are their favourite
They eat it all day!
Friends won’t wait to pay
To pay for the scrumptious Chilli Sensations
Then their eyes turn into the colour of lemonade
Because they drank it all night
Not forgetting
The pepperoni pizza
That comes out in the toilet
When you do a poop!
Last but not least
They so like ice cream
It’s as cold as the Antarctic
Penguins will sure be eating those
All day long.

Randy Jake
By Bruce

There is a lonely boy who hates his bed because
It is in a field and it is dirty.
he has no mum or Dad and he is homeless.
He has no name so i shall call him Randy Jake.
His bed is uncomfortable, itchy and disgusting.
One night he wishes to see an alien spaceship that gives him a lantern
To see through the dark.

All about MoS
by Katia

Yum! The food!
Yeah, the breadsticks
Never be in a bad mood
Maybe a lollipop, lots of licks,
Ministry of stories helps you impress,
You’ll be the best you have ever felt,
Your teacher can take a rest,
Like an ice cube they will melt.
In Hoxton monster supplies
Lives an invisible and friendly cat,
The shop lives loads of lies,
Which you can see when you step on the mat,
Get ready for great
You and me best mates!

Riesus’ Dream
by Keira

Hi, my name is Riesus
In my fantasy bedroom I have
Chocolate broken in pieces.
My fantasy bedroom smells like caramel coffee
The bed tastes of toffee,
My pillow is made of cream
That is my sweet dream
My quilt is made of candy floss
In my room, I’m the boss!
When i taste my jelly floor
It makes me want to have some more
The door is made of jerk chicken
Which I think is made for licking
I like my new rom,
So see you soon!


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