The secret door is open

Posted by theministry on 8th September 2020

We’re back and throwing our secret door open once again to the young writers of Hackney. 

It’s been six long months since we moved our writing clubs online. But now we’re back and excited to start creating more scintillating stories, powerful poems and tremendous tales. 

To celebrate this moment, we bought together the Ministry of Stories team to read Inside You may Expect The Ordinary, a collaborative poem written by the children and young people who took part in our virtual Community Writing Clubs from April to July this year. 

The secret door is open 1

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Thank you to all our volunteers, young people and supporters for your positivity, grit and boundless imagination during this difficult time. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back to 159 Hoxton Street soon. 

Inside You may Expect The Ordinary

Follow me. Hear eerie noises of genies,
or a unicorn’s lavender cough,
ringing sharp through crystal air.

Follow me to a world of comedy,
an oasis where your worries melt away.
Follow me and make footprints in smooth, solid ice.

Follow me and see zombies battle dragons,
whilst four-headed lizards
flee from a time war in a punk rock van.

Be careful not to tread the wrong path,
to glimpse the apocalypse,
breathe the rotting smell of lies, of fear,

to hear screams rise,
as the tongue-sharp guillotine falls.
Come away. Follow me.

We’ll seek the apple-pie sweet smell of truth,
feel relief as pure as larks’ song or a china cup of jasmine tea.

Follow me to the warm sunset,
where waves crash on seaweed rocks,
then saunter to shore, calm as an old dog.

Follow me to the barbecue scent of fire-sizzled earth,
where histories meet to make sense of this time.
Stone Age, Ice Age, Vikings, us.

Together, we’ll find the place
where the cherry tree grants your wishes
with delicious red berries.

Happy as angels,
we’ll pluck the fruit and taste

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