Our top 5 stocking fillers with a difference

Posted by theministry on 10th December 2018

We asked the team to nominate their top stocking fillers under £10 from our monstrous neighbours Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.


1. Lottie, Development Coordinator – Curses

‘I think Curses are great this time of year because I love my family and want to buy them gifts but also CURSE THEM.’
Cursed with Extended Blight


2. Thea, Marketing Manger – Banshee Balls

‘I’m never without my Banshee Balls at this time of year, they really help after a raucous night of carolling.’

A glass jar of aniseed balls created especially for banshees

3. Hannah, Development Manager – Tin of Night Terrors

‘I’m really into the Tin of Night Terrors at the moment as it’s going to be a New Year’s resolution is to get less sleep.’

A white tin with sweets and a story called 'Night Terrors'

4. Jess, Writing Programme Leader – Salts made from Tears

‘I always chose the Salt made from Tears range as they combine my two favourite things, cooking and making people cry.’

Six jars of salt featuring different novelty flavours including boredom and fear

5. Oz, Volunteer Coordinator – Tin of Escalating Panic

‘I love a Tin of Escalating Panic as it’s always fun creating a sense of impending doom during the festive period.’

A black tin with sweets and a story titled Escalating Panic

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