Now we are Five

Posted by theministry on 10th November 2015

This November we have reached five years of the Ministry of Stories. That’s five years of fun, imagination, inspiring volunteers, fantastical stories and happy, confident young writers.

In five years we have gone from two volunteers and an empty shop to a thriving, award winning organisation.

Our junior ministers have written and filmed a soap opera  with writers from EastEnders; written lyrics for songs recorded by Ben Folds and others; worked with professional illustrators to create picture books now stocked in the British Library; written and published Hoxton’s very own newspaper and launched their own country, the Children’s Republic of Shoreditch.

Their imaginations have known no limits and their aspirations have grown ten fold.

As we look to the next five years, we’re dreaming just as big. We’re already planning projects that include our clubs writing a full scale musical, creating animations to explain grammar, and giving speeches at the Houses of Parliament.

There will be more events for our supporters, hosted by some of the brilliant writers involved with the Ministry*. We will also be exploring ways our work can reach more young people across the country.

However, just like the last five years, we can’t do it alone. So for our 5th birthday we are asking you for a gift of £5.

Join us in ensuring thousands more young people can have the space and support to discover their creativity and potential. Say happy birthday to our young writers and make this fifth year one to remember.

Give your birthday gift here

*To be announced soon, watch this space!


Image by Heather Agyepong
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