National Poetry Day

Posted by theministry on 3rd October 2019

We are celebrating National Poetry Day and this year’s theme of Truth.

We’ve been working with our young writers in both schools and the community to create poems relating to truth: telling their truth and something that matters to them, a home truth, or maybe even a big lie. Here are just a few of our favourites.

What I used to believe

When I was very little I thought that the shining moon was made of cheese.
I found out it wasn’t by watching a show
When they tried to eat the moon by eating a rock
They lost a tooth and found out it was a rock!
I wonder if other children believe it is made of cheese?
It made me feel sad because when I was older I wanted to be an astronaut
To eat the moon’s cheese
Which I hoped would be burger cheese.

Josiah, aged 9. 

Old Street Roundabout

The brain, the centre of the world
The source of all knowledge
The busy roundabout
Taking us everywhere, on a ledge
4 different roads
Too many emotions
So close to home
Rubbing onto my heart

The brain, the centre of the world
Train station that leads everywhere
The electrifying waiting train roars
The noise I can’t hear
4 different roads
Home, school, the river,
Shops, church and chicken shop
All the places that make me shiver

By Erica, Year 9

Truth is…

Truth is…
hard to write about a good thing.

There isn’t enough truth in the world.
If you tell the truth it
makes you sad because
you’re going to get punished.

Sometimes it’s difficult
To tell the truth but…
If you do you won’t get
In any more trouble.

Truth is square-headed
It looks like a golden ball
Truth feels like a warm glow.

Trust is hard to tell.
Truth is like a lion

By Lady and Johnny, aged 8


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