Monstrously Good Gifts

Posted by theministry on 15th December 2022

Visit our fantastical shops for fun and imaginative gifts that support our young writers.

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16 Leadenhall Market

Tue – Sat | 11am – 6pm 

  • Raven Skull  A Raven’s skull, stolen in the dead of night from the Tower of London. Can reanimate at the most inappropriate moments.
  • Enchanted Biscuits Scaring is caring with our set-of-two enchanted biscuits for you and a favourite fiend.
  • Common Toad Caught fresh from the banks of the River Thames and stored for extra sliminess.
  • Incense Burner Recreate the wonderful smell of Ancient Egypt with our Sandalwood Incense Burner. An ideal accompaniment to any embalming work.
  • Lunar Calendar New Year, new wolf. Keep track of your transformations with our 2023 Lunar Calendar.

159 Hoxton Street

Wed – Sat | 11am – 5pm 

  • Lump of Coal No stocking is complete without it. Smells of dark, smoky nights. Can be also be used as a soap.
  • Bah! Humbugs Banish any feelings of joy or merriment with a single suck.
  • Petrified Mice Frozen quite solid and coated in sugar, with the tails intact.
  • Dead good tote Pick-up one of our cotton totes, enchanted to carry all your supplies home.
  • Christmas Cards Send a message of festive greetings with our multipack of cards. Each unique design has been created exclusively for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

Looking for something extra fiendish?

We have pre-stuffed stockings available for £22 (containing items from our classic range: Impacted Earwax; Petrified Mice; Dragon Treasure and Sugar Dusted Bogies). 


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