Monstrous travel plans

Posted by theministry on 22nd January 2020

As January draws to a close are you in search of sunnier climes or simply looking for some inspiration for your next sojourn? Last term, intrepid young writers attending our community clubs and St John the Baptist School wrote a series of travel guides for globe-trotting monsters (and their bag carriers) which will be published this spring. Here’s a sneak peek of some celebrity monsters you might meet on your travels to help inspire the ultimate itinerary…

Popbawa (from Africa)

Your world
covers you as I enter.
Sweat, blood and tears, an atmosphere where
crimson blood slides through my
sharp pearly whites.
My arrogant ways annoy nice personalities,
a secret I hold, am not able to tell, exposes
my deepest lie.
I have said to millions,
a dark figure covers my childhood,
a dark figure covers my home,
the lost of souls,
the town humans never come out of,
a town where millions visit and miss their flights,
danger, depressions, distraught
the olden times a monster lived in fear,
the days that haunt my dreams.

The Reaper Alligator (from the Americas)

This scary species are very dangerous. They creep from their lakes to the city to eat junk food. Their teeth are as sharp as a pin. Their snouts are as long as a train. They creep under the warm lagoon waters in the nights. They are very very very dangerous, and there is no way they can die. They can appear anywhere and no one knows where they live. They can also teleport. They smell like a thousand rotten disgusting eggs. Every time they eat something, you will see it inside their spiky bodies.

The Drop Bear (from Australia)

I am the Drop Bear, and I’m amazing because I can make people come to me thinking I am a ‘cute koala bear’. But no, I am very dangerous. My grey fur looks bushy, but I have the teeth of a tiger and they are sharper than a grizzly bear’s. I really hate Vegemite because it makes me feel disgusted and angry. It makes my fur dry and peel off. My Drop Bear tactics are: I growl; I look down from my tree at people; and I jump. Dropping down and attacking people is as fun as playing on a swing, and it makes me feel as happy as the glowing sun. However, I do not like forks, especially when people wear them in their hair. When I drop it hurts my fat belly. Another thing that really annoys me is dogs burping twerking.

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