Minister of the Month – Liam Hogan

Posted by Thea King on 22nd August 2018

Meet our Minister of the Month, Writing Mentor extraordinaire Liam Hogan.

Name: Liam Hogan

Volunteer role: Mentor

Lives:  Stamford Hill – a brisk one hour walk from the Ministry!

Favourite story and why:

Roald Dahl’s The Landlady. Dark, but treading a delicate line between revealing too much and too little. We as readers know what’s in store for the hapless Billy Weaver, even if he sees it all too late…

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Writer, of course. But actually doing it full time (if anything that is freelance and creative can ever be said to be full time). Possibly part of a mid-life crisis, I gave up a lucrative job in the City to become self-unemployed.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Ministry of Stories?

Time rich, cash poor. Also, reading and writing were twin joys of my childhood, so it’d be lovely to help inspire the next generation.

Were you nervous about anything before starting?

I’m not a natural teacher. Fortunately, the small group sizes and high mentor/child ratio means I can (usually) bluster my way through.

What has been the best experience of volunteering?

The feedback from the kids after a great session. The frequent “Where did that come from?” moment as the kids do so much more than you might expect.

What has been the most unexpected thing about volunteering?

The kids remembering you, and seeming to LIKE it when you return!

Describe the Ministry of Stories in three words:

Frighteningly, Fun and Friendly.

What would you say to other people thinking of volunteering with the Ministry?

Do it! The Ministry needs you. The monsters do tend to thin our ranks every now again, and… well, the more of us there are the more likely they won’t thin ME!

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