Minister of the Month – Adrienne Burris

Posted by theministry on 2nd September 2015

Meet our Minister of the Month Adrienne Burris!

Adrienne has been described by staff as respectful and playful with her outstanding commitment and drive gaining her the title ‘Super Volunteer’.

Adrienne Burris (photo: Tom Oldham)

Meet Adrienne – Minister of the Month!

Volunteer role: Story minister and shopkeeper

Lives: Lewisham

Favourite story: Captain Socks, the fierce sock-shooting pirate!

Why did you decide to volunteer?

I’ve been facilitating writing workshops back in South Carolina for a few years. When I moved to London for my master’s program, I thought volunteering would be a great way to get more hands-on experience in the field.

It’s also a really fun, creative, and meaningful break from academic work.

What’s the best thing about volunteering with MOS?

There are so many ‘bests’, but I have loved hearing the stories the kids dream up. It’s amazing what they create when their imaginations are allowed to guide them.

Their creativity (pet ghosts on leashes; Evil Mr. Pork Chops; poisoned cupcakes) inspires me.

How has volunteering with MOS changed your life?

When I moved to London, I knew absolutely no one. I grew up in the rural South, so living somewhere with public transportation, skyscrapers, good curry was all overwhelming and new.

The Ministry gave me relationships that rooted me in this crazy city, making me feel like less of an outsider. It has been my home away from home.

Describe the Ministry in ten words or less

Creative community for young and young-at-heart word lovers.

Why is volunteering at MOS different to other things you do?

While volunteering, I’ve also been working on my dissertation, freelance writing projects and my small business back home. I love the Ministry because I can just release all that.

Any stress from my daily life gets left at the door, and even for a few hours, we’re silly and creative, stretching our imaginations to their limits. There is also a sense of respect that is hard to come across elsewhere; your ideas are always valid here.

Why would you recommend volunteering at MOS to others?

Every time I come to volunteer – whether at the shop, as a mentor or just stuffing envelopes – I feel like I’m part of something. It’s an incredible feeling to contribute not just to an organisation, but to a community and a movement. Plus, it’s just fun!

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