BIC #JustWrite 2016

Posted by theministry on 3rd May 2016

Just imagine waking up one day to find that everything was a little different.

You’re not quite sure why, but it is. You get dressed, clean your teeth, eat a banana and leave the house, but as you do, you realise that Mum’s usual morning note isn’t there. There’s her familiar white scrap of paper, but it’s blank. Then your phone vibrates. It’s a message from Sarah, “I’m so angry, this is the worst birthday EVER. I’ve only received one birthday card and it’s not even been written in!”

Today has only just begun and you’ve got a feeling it’s about to get a whole lot weirder…

Is this what a world without words would be like? How would you jot down simple notes for your parents and siblings, leave a meaningful birthday card for your friend Sarah, or fill out all of those boxes on your exam papers? We can’t imagine how uninspiring that world would be, so for this year’s #JustWrite Day, we’ve created the UK’s first handwritten newspaper for teens. The British Illustrated Chronicle (B.I.C.) combines beautiful handwriting with imaginative illustrations to tell the story of an uninspiring mysterious modern world without handwriting.


Download your very own copy of the B.I.C. here, and turn to page 12 to see how you can #JustWrite for cash.


For terms and conditions for the B.I.C.’s #JustWrite Day competition, please download the PDF in the right hand column.

To find out more about the #JustWrite 2016 campaign and where we’ll be in Brighton search @MyBICPen or #JustWrite on Twitter, or visit the My BIC Pen Facebook page.

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