Incidents of Time Travel to Ancient Maya: A Journal by Rahmat Cluckoobox

Posted by theministry on 9th February 2022

Journey with us to Mayan times with De Beauvoir Primary School Sycamore class’ fantastic new anthology.


Join Sycamore class as they journey to ancient Maya with 11-year old explorer Rahmat Cluckoobox.

‘I am keeping this journal as a record of my expedition to explore the Ancient Maya civilisation. You may be asking, “When are you going, Rahmat Cluckoobox?” The answer to that is “TODAY!” Of course, I may die and never return. But if I return, I will be famous!’

Justin Coe, Ministry of Stories Writing Facilitator, says: “Building on the class’s learning on ancient Maya, we put together this journal in only eight afternoons in weekly sessions. Most of the diary entries that you will read here were written by the 28 young writers individually in their Ministry of Stories journals and then edited into the manuscript to create the journal of one class character. This character, which first came to us via Ayaan’s journal, was originally to be called Benjamin Cluckoobox. However, we thought it would better represent us if we changed the character’s first name to that of one of the young people in the class. Rahmat won the resulting raffle of names, creating the indefatigable explorer Rahmat Cluckoobox, but this journal is, of course, the result of the hard work and ingenuity of all of the young people involved.”

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