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Posted by Thea King on 24th May 2018

Introducing the first official Ministry of Stories podcast, written and recorded by our young writers.

This week we launched our first ever podcast featuring adventure packed, magic fueled, fantastical stories for children. All the audio stories were written and performed by writers from our after school clubs and recorded top professional standard thanks to podcast producer Matt Hill.

The stories have been dreamed-up in weekly sessions since Autumn last year and have offered a chance for our Junior Ministers to hear their own words, in their own voice

“My favourite part was writing the stories because my story came out of nowhere. I literally thought about a superhero, a clown, a queen and made a headline. My next story is going to be about Jack and the killer cow trying to kill the king.” Kamsi

As part of the project, the group worked with the Penguin Random House Audio who linked-up audiobook producers, voice actors and artwork designers to share their expertise with the group and helped build their skills. 

Seven of the group went to Penguin Random House to record in their professional studio with audiobook producer Roy McMillan, while the rest met with Matt Hill, podcast producer extraordinaire who helped bring their stories to life. After listening to his audio story for the first time, Kingsley said it was “One of the best best things ever!”

Matt added, “It was genuinely exciting to hear each story as it was recorded, and described how they wanted to use sound effects in the final episode. I hope that the soundtracks I’ve produced come close to realising their wonderfully ambitious and creative scripts!”

“I liked that I got to write my own story and write what I imagine in my head.” Uresa 

From a pig called Bob to a world where candy canes ‘walk tall like gentleman’ the project has enabled our young writers to take the next step in realising their creative potential.

Jessica Randall, Writing Programme Leader, explains, “It’s been fantastic to see our young writers tell the stories that matter to them in their own words and voices. We had such fun learning from all the professionals and the project has helped the children to become confident audio storytellers.”

We will be releasing a new story every Monday to ease your commute to work, school or ready you for the next adventure. You can hear the first ten stories and subscribe to the podcast here

Thank you to:

Matt Hill, Director, Rethink Audio Ltd.

Rebecca Fortuin, Editorial Assistant, Audiences and Audio, Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House 

Ministry of Stories volunteers


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