Help to bring our new Monster store to life!

Posted by theministry on 21st March 2023

We need your support to open a second store for monsters.

The outside of the new monster store. A ornate blue and red facing surrounds a big, wide window with green tiling underneath

Our fantastical shop Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has been an integral part of Ministry of Stories since we opened our doors over twelve years ago. 

The shop acts as an exciting entrance to our writing workshops and as a hub of imagination, joy and creativity; three things we take very seriously. The shop is also a really important revenue stream for the charity, ploughing all its profits back into work with our young writers. 

We now have the chance to open a second store and serve even more customers. The City of London Corporation have generously offered us a unit in the historic Leadenhall Market, right next to the entrance of the magical Diagon Alley. This would mean we could access an incredible footfall of people visiting the capital, raising even more funds, so we can continue to deliver exciting and creative projects for our young people. 


Donate and reap your reward… 

Two products in a corked bottle and screw top jar sit in the sun on a wooden shelf

We need help raising the funds to say yes to this exciting opportunity. We’re hoping to open our new store this April but need extra funds to make it happen.  

Every donation we receive will be used to help bring our second store to life. Offering a place for Monsters (and the odd human) to buy essential scaring supplies and learn more about the power of imagination and mischief.  

As a thank you for supporting our shop and championing creativity with us, there is a very special range of rewards on offer; from a cursed pencil and personalised Tin of Fear to a chance to appear on the wall of the new shop to trying your hand as a VIP shopkeeper for the day.



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