Grammarmations are Go!

Posted by theministry on 25th May 2016

Can stories and animations make learning grammar more interesting and accessible?

That’s the question we gave one of our out-of-school groups a few months ago, and they answered with their collection of playful ‘Grammarmations’ videos.

Since January, our young storytellers, supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteer mentors, have been experimenting with animation, creating 3D and 2D stop-motion videos about everything from a musical octopus to interplanetary travel. 

The groups then spent a lively few weeks revising their knowledge of punctuation, sentence construction and word classes, before each group of children chose an area of grammar to focus on, devising a story to illuminate it, conjuring up stories to help younger children understand key ideas.

Characters and storyboards at the ready, a team of professional animators then turned these ideas into lively animations, voiced by the children and premiered at the St John the Baptist Primary School. 

One young viewer, Seth, aged 7, said that he’d recommend the animations “to lots of different people because they’re really exciting and they’ve got lots of emotional bits in them.”.

Sarah Lowden, Assistant Head at St John the Baptist Primary School, had lots of ideas for using the animations in the classroom: “What an amazing effort from the SJB MOS club – we’re so proud and impressed by their ideas and more importantly, the messages their videos give.”

So, if you’re confused about commas or anxious about adjectives, find out more from the Rhinocedactyl, Mr Fuller and other characters created by our imaginative young writers.

We’ll be posting a new video online each day this week: children, parents and teachers, click here to see them!

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