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Posted by theministry on 1st June 2020

In our Gothic Writing workshop, students enter the world of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and write their own tale of gothic horror inspired by its objects and stories.

Writing excerpts by students:

I found it. I found the teeth I desired, craved for years.

I looked among the streetlights and saw the shop I relied on. I tensed my muscle, full of anger. The dark night sky consumed the light sky. Blood from my white, pure wings dripped on the concrete, trailing my every step. My mask covered my toothless mouth, full of secrets.

By Abidah


I only went into the shop because I needed the inspiration for my next masterpiece and I knew Hoxton Street Monster Supplies was the place for it.

I pushed upon the door and made my way into the shop. I knew that Hoxton Street Monster Supplies was weird but I didn’t know it was this weird. Eyeballs in jars, zombie farts. I wasn’t prepared to see the jar filled with red liquid running through the holes of the jar down the floor. My stomach lurched. I started repeating, “It’s just a gift shop” in my head, again and again like a mantra. Clearing my throat I called for the shopkeeper as no one came. I called again. A broad, tall figure emerged from behind the door, walking slowly towards me.

“I’m just here for inspiration, I…”, I mumbled but was unable to finish my sentence because that’s when I saw it laying on the table like a gold winning trophy, it shined gold, rays of sunshine shone directly at it.

“I see you’ve found the shop’s most prized possession. This brush would be great for you”, he said, grinning widely.

By Reem


These excerpts and stories are by year 9 students from Morpeth School.

Our Gothic Writing workshop is ideal for year 6 students preparing for secondary school, year 7-9 students studying gothic literature or students working on narrative and descriptive writing skills for GCSE.

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