What difference could you make in a couple of hours…?

Posted by theministry on 4th January 2017

Make a new year’s resolution with a difference! Give your time and creativity to help young people discover the joy of writing.

Looking for a new challenge in 2017? Why not sell Human Snot to the monsters (and the odd human), help publish our young writers’ books, be the voice of the Chief or an illustrator in one of our Storymaking workshops. Whatever the role, you will be making a difference to hundreds of young people in Hackney.


Bring young people’s imaginations to life. Illustrators are an essential part of our weekly Storymaking workshops, visualising children’s ideas as they create the beginnings of a story. Find out more.

Fearless shopkeeper

Our fearless Shopkeepers serve monsters, and the odd human, behind the counter in Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, the Ministry’s fantastical shop. Tallying up Tins of Fear, talking to customers and ensuring Wells, the invisible cat, behaves is all part of a day’s work.  Find out more.


Help the Ministry’s Chief inspire hundreds of young writers by bringing stories and illustrations together into personalised books as part of our school Storymaking workshops. Find out more.

Sounds interesting? Sign up today! You don’t need to be a professional writer or have worked with children before. All we ask for is oodles of enthusiasm and a good level of written and spoken English. We offer full training and as a thank you, we host regular volunteer social events.

Find out more about volunteering 

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