De anniversary about de moon

Posted by theministry on 22nd July 2019

Year 6 at Westbridge Primary School wrote this poem together as part of Stories Based on the Real World, a term of writing inspired by the news, life experiences and history. The poem celebrates 50 years since the first humans landed on the moon on 20th July, 1969.

Moon Landings by Year 6, Westbridge Primary School


De moon, de moon, de moon

De anniversary about de moon

De 50th anniversary about de moon…



The moon is a flower

It sheds its petals every hour


The moon is a giant’s toe nail 

However, much more pale


The moon is a firefly 

It glows as it flies by



The moon is a challenge.

The astronauts are scared,

Stepping on the moon

They ever dared.

The astronauts look at the moon every night,

Time to give their fear a good fight!



As I stepped off the ship

My heart was rumbling fast 

And my head was spinning and spinning

Like a merry go round.

Soon I was walking and my worries melted away.

I guess the moon’s not made of cheese!


As I stepped off the ship 

My heart was beating fast like Mo Farah,

My heart was skipping heartbeats 

While my stomach was filled with butterflies

Trying to fly away.

A rush of success inundated my mind, 

My doubts faded; I knew I had made it.




What I remember most is 

The joy of stepping on the moon.

Placing that flag there and making my country proud 

Was the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Staring at the amazing, large reflected white rock 

Was a dream come true.


What I remember most is 

The joy I had stepping on the rock-hard moon

It tasted like blue ice cream 

And was ten times larger than a football.


What I remember most is

Stepping on the dry, fat, juicy moon.

The moon was colossal 

And I was proud of myself.



The astronauts are feeling 

More confident and optimistic

Being on the moon will always be 

Their number one statistic.




De moon, de moon, de moon

De anniversary about de moon

De people are very happy about de moon

I don’t want to leave de moon very soon.


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