D&AD nomination

Posted by theministry on 17th May 2011

We are proud to announce that Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has been nominated for an award.

The prestigious D&AD has noticed Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and nominated us for the Writing for Design award for 2011.

D&AD Nomination (Photo: Alistair Hall)

But it’s not just praise for us. From the beginning, at the heart of our design for both the Ministry of Stories and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, has been the very talented and dedicated Alistair Hall from We Made This and a group of volunteer copywriters and designers (Copywriters: Mikey Bennett, Joe Dunthorne, Tom Raphael Eaves, Alistair Hall, Martin Jackson & Alex Myers, Designers: Matt Roden & Alistair Hall).

Alistair has been the driving force behind our product, print and shop and the Chief even convinced him to design for our publications Green Wobbly Things, Dancing andHoxton AM, providing not only a consistently beautiful design, but passion and commitment that our monster patrons and junior ministers really appreciate.

We Made This have designed all your favourites including:

D&AD Nomination (photo: Alistair Hall)

Tinned Fear – for monsters who just can’t terrify people like they used to.

D&AD Nomination (photo: Alistair Hall)

A full range of Human Preserves

The awards will be announced at the D&AD award ceremony on June 16th and you can see more from We Made This.


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