Coming together for National Poetry Day

Posted by theministry on 7th October 2021

This year we are celebrating National Poetry Day with a writing workshop on the theme of community; sharing and celebrating who we are through the power of writing.


It’s National Poetry Day and we are celebrating communities and heritage with a writing workshop for year 7 & 8 at City of London Academy Highbury Grove.

Our friend, poet Phoebe Wagner, will be leading the students through an introduction to Ghazal poetry form, helping them to write their own Ghazals, celebrating the language of their unique communities.

Why not take a few minutes and join us in writing about your community today!

Try some free writing with us today


Phoebe says, “If you’ve written a lot or never before, have fun and write as you, not as anyone you may have read before.”

  • Set a timer for three minutes and write non-stop, not stopping to think of the next sentence, on what community means to you.
  • Let your pen think for you. Don’t worry about spelling or ‘making sense’.
  • When the three minutes is over, underline the phrases and words that you like.
  • Now, list words that you use with your friends/family/community that people might not understand. It could be slang, or in another language or an inside joke.
  • Once you’ve got a word, describe what it means, or redefine it. For instance, what does this word smell/taste/feel like? What specific places do you think of when you think of this word? Who do you think of when you think of this word?
  • You can now use these words, ideas and phrases and have a go at writing your own poem all about community. Need some help? Check out our poetry writing resources below.

Poetry Resources

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