Posted by theministry on 12th November 2019

11th – 15th November 2019 is Anti-Bullying Week. At Ministry of Stories we encourage all the children and young people we work with to show care and respect for others, while helping them to gain confidence and grow self-respect through writing.

To mark Anti-Bullying Week, we are proud to share a poem by one of our young writers fromĀ Swanlea School.


You might think I’m sad.
But to be honest I think you’re mad.
To me you’re rude.
But I’m not letting that spoil my mood.
You’re just a big bully, that’s what you are.
But that’s not going to spoil my avatar.
You pick on me and you just want to fight.
Saying you’re short, talking about people’s height.
I know you’re insecure, trying to get under my skin.
But I ain’t going to let you WIN!
You may try your best to bring me down.
But I need to remember, you’re already below me.

Ishaq, Year 8

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