Meet Our New Writing Facilitator Trainees

Posted by Volunteer Administrator on 17th October 2022

We’ve launched our first ever Writing Facilitator Trainee Programme.

This September, four new trainees completed their Ministry of Stories initiation and most importantly, received the nod of approval from Wells (the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies invisible cat).

Over the course of this school year, our trainees will gain experience of Ministry of Stories writing projects across our programme strands. They will engage in termly reviews and develop the skills to plan, create and deliver Creative Writing projects across school and community settings. In the spring they will shadow one of our Writing Facilitators and have the opportunity to lead activities or sessions. By the end of the programme they will have learned how to deliver inspirational creative writing projects that help young people discover the magic of writing. 

Meet The Trainees

Maheni Arthur

Maheni Arthur

Maheni Arthur is a writer, spoken word poet and visual artist. She is currently a resident writer for Stockroom, creating scripts for stage productions all over the UK. She has delivered writing workshops for people of all ages and is working on her own poetry collection.

Maheni’s three favourite words are:

  • Mellifluous
  • Sonder
  • Tiddlywink

Zoe Callow

Zoe Callow is a playwright, critic and facilitator who specialises in working with children and young people. She has worked with Half Moon and Immediate Theatre, Her plays have been produced and commissioned by student and graduate companies Coast to Coast and Minotaur.

Zoe’s three favourite words are: 

  • Porridge
  • Dazzling 
  • Antediluvian

Jaime Lock

Jaime Lock is a poet and creative facilitator. They have been a Community Link Worker at Writerz and Scribez CIC and Team Leader at Doorstep Library. They were a part of Apples and Snakes’ 2021 Writers’ Room and a BBC New Creative.

Jaime’s three favourite words are:

  • Undulating – having a smooth rising & falling form or outline. I love how this word sounds in my mouth. Somehow it feels of the earth. 
  • Mellifluous – (of a sound) pleasingly smooth & musical to hear. Again, I love the way the Ls feel in my mouth! 
  • Slumber – a sleep. Because who doesn’t like sleep?

Autumn Sharkey

Autumn Sharkey is a poet, facilitator and currently an MA student on Goldsmiths’ Creative Writing & Education course. She has run children’s writing workshops at Inkheads and Create and was a volunteer Writing Mentor at a groovy sounding place called Ministry of Stories.

Autumn’s three favourite words are:

  • Gulp (just a great mouth-feel and sound).
  • Tiny (it’s a great describing word that doesn’t get enough use).
  • Blue (there are so many ideas and interpretations you can attach it to).


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