A Story You Never Tasted Before

Posted by theministry on 8th August 2013

A Story You Never Tasted Before is the latest anthology from the Ministry of Stories.

Join us for the launch, from 11.30am – 3pm on Saturday 17th August at our stall in the busy Hoxton Street Market. Young people will be reading their stories and talking about what inspired them, and you can join in a family treasure hunt around the market and local shops.

The book is the culmination of a summer writing project where local young people explored Hoxton Street Market, local shops and invited family members to share their favourite recipes.

Young writers then used these recipes as inspiration for a collection of short stories, helped along the way by our excellent writing mentors and professional editors.

There is an unmistakeable buzz about food on Hoxton Street, and the children of the Ministry of Stories have tapped into it to create stories inspired by the joy of eating.

Read the book to discover what happens when someone makes a magical Mexican rice pudding, or learn the Jollof Rice Rap.

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